Helping Patients and Their Families Navigate the Healthcare Maze

Do I Need a Patient Advocate?


here are many reasons for retaining a patient advocate. Of course, every individual has their own needs and concerns. This is a list of common concerns that many of our clients have expressed. Although incomplete, it does illustrate the range of every-day medical concerns that patient advocates address.

  • ¬†I am frustrated with insurance paperwork.
  • I see too many doctors.
  • I was recently diagnosed with ___and I don’t know what to do next.
  • I wonder if there are options to the treatment my doctor ordered.
  • I don’t know what my insurance will cover.
  • I don’t understand the results of the test my doctor ordered.
  • I’m scheduled for surgery and I’m anxious about being alone in the hospital.
  • After surgery I’m going home, I don’t know how I’ll manage.
  • My life is all about going to doctor appointments.
  • Every time I see my doctor he/she puts me on another medication.
  • I’m not sure what questions to ask when I see my doctor.
  • I’m tired during the day, but I don’t sleep well at night.
  • I’m having trouble thinking clearly and making decisions.
  • My daughter/son keeps telling me I should sell my house and move.

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